Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pres. Harrison Issues an Apology

While I was away, preaching at a divine service in a nearby community on Saturday evening, Pres. Harrison issued a public apology. I learned of it late last night.

You may read it here.

I am grateful for this apology. I hope it is able to bring some closure to this particular public scandal. I certainly accept it and will do what I can to move forward positively.

That being said, I am still deeply troubled and offended by the public comments made by pastors connected with "Brothers of John the Steadfast" in Saturday's front-page article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. You may read that article here.

To read additional comments by members of "Steadfast Lutherans," go here.

I would hope that Pres. Harrison and the district president(s) of those "Steadfast Lutherans" who were quoted in the P-D article are working to admonish them for their loveless and scandelous words and to bring them to account for the harm they have caused individuals and the overall mission of the church.

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