Monday, October 11, 2010

A Comment about Wright's Editorial

In my earlier post today I made reference to a recent editorial by Lawrence Wright in the Sep 20 issue of The New Yorker. If you haven't read it, I recommend it. I agree with his overall point, which my earlier post sought to underscore.

There is a minor factual error in the editorial. Near the end of his essay Wright identifies several positive aspects about Islam in America. He includes the following sentence: "America's Muslim community is more ethnically diverse than that of any other major religion in the country."

This claim, seemingly based on a recent Pew survey, is inaccurate. Without question, America's Christian community is more ethnically diverse than any other major religion in the country. More than 75% of Americans identify themselves as some form of "Christian." That 75% is much more ethnically diverse than the .3% of Americans who are Muslim.

Nevertheless, this minor error should not detract from Wright's overarching point, namely, the need to build bridges with moderate Muslims.

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